Installing Chromium

Chromium OS builds from and Dell¬†include an installer that allows you to put Chromium on your hard drive or SSD. Unfortunately this doesn’t work on many recent builds, specifically the Dell April 15th 2012 build from my Dell Inspiron Chromium guide.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix. For this you will need a live CD or USB of Ubuntu, or your Linux distro of choice, as well as your Chromium USB drive.

This is what I needed to do:

1. From Chromium OS get into a terminal with Control, Alt, Fn and F2.

2. Login. On Dell builds username: chronos password: dell1234. On Hexxeh builds username: chronos password: facepunch

3. Enter ‘crosh’, then ‘install’. Please be aware that this wipe your hard drive. I have not tried to dual boot Chromium, so can’t offer any advice about keeping another OS on your hard drive in this process.

4. Wait for the installer to finish. Remove your USB media and reboot. You will probably get a kernel panic, this is normal. If this boots straight into Chromium then something has been fixed.

5. Boot into your live CD/USB of Ubuntu or another Linux distro.

6. Mount /dev/sda12 and open it in a file manager. I used the following commands in Ubuntu:

sudo mkdir /media/sda12

sudo mount /dev/sda12 /media/sda12

sudo nautilus

In Nautillus I opened the ‘syslinux’ folder in /media/sda12.

7. Open the usb.A.cfg file in a text editor.

8. Change root=/dev/sdb? to root=/dev/sda? Note: Change only the letter b to a, leave the numbers and all other letters as they are.

9. Remove your Linux media and reboot.

You should be booting straight into Chromium OS now: Happy days!

Thanks to the forums for much of this information.

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